Learn English with El Chavo is a free online digital edutainment platform to learn English. The project will be launched in the United States and it presents a great opportunity for all English Language Learners that want to learn English.
The platform is completely free and will be available for tablets with mobile platforms (Android, IOS) and the web.


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    Capítulo 1

  • Colors: Identify colors, characters and objects.
  • Numbers: Identify numbers, numbers written with letters.
  • Shapes: Identify shapes, circle, square, triangle, star
  • Opposites: Identify opposites. Example: boy-girl. Happy-Sad.
  • Available in:

    www.learnwithchavo.com www.aprendeconelchavo.com

    Capítulo 2

  • Body Parts: We will identify and name the different parts of the body. Ask your child to identify differences and similarities between him and his family members
  • Clothes: We will review vocabulary, when each thing is used, and the relationship between clothes and the body.
  • Seasons & Calendar: We will review months and link it to seasons and each month’s celebrations.
  • Sports: We will help link sports images to its vocabulary.
  • Family: We will identify each family member’s role so the child is able to learn more about his family’s history.
  • Friends: We will talk about friends being an important part of life
  • Available in:

    www.learnwithchavo.com www.aprendeconelchavo.com

    Capítulo 3

  • Food: Reforzaremos la memoria al asociar los alimentos aprendidos en el video con colores, además de identificar comida saludable y comida chatarra.
  • Restaurant: Asociaremos todos los elementos que hay en un restaurant y para qué sirve cada uno.
  • Transportation: Ayudaremos a memorizar los tipos de transporte de acuerdo al medio.
  • Community helpers: Identificaremos los roles de cada oficio y cuáles son las herramientas necesarias para llevar a cabo cada trabajo.
  • The city: Relacionaremos los lugares que hay en la ciudad con imágenes para que el conocimiento aprendido en el video sea mayor.
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